Thanks for visiting McCain Photography photoblog. We do provide professional photography, event services and professional make-up for actual wedding day, pre-wedding for local and overseas assignment. Kindly send us your email to revert on the packages details.

Best regards
+6 012 519 8929


14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there, Im searching for photographer and videographer for my wedding day on 20th Nov… how’s the charges? Thanks.

    1. Hi, I’m looking for a photographer for my engagement..the venue would b Raub..I would like to enquire on the rate..regards; Sham

  2. Hello there,

    I am looking for a photographer for my wedding day. I would like to know the rate for photo shooting on wedding day Jan 23rd, 2011.

    thanks~ have a great one!!

  3. Hi,

    Please quote me for 2 session in KL. My wedding will be on 29th Oct 2011. Morning church wedding in Brickfields then dinner recpetion in KL.


  4. Hi ,
    I would like to inquire on the rate for the pre-wedding photo session.
    Can you provide me a quotation for your pre-wedding photography services. We are hoping to have it in November 2011, both of us are currently not in West Malaysia.
    Please include the cost for album, portrait, makeup & hair style as well as additional gown/suit selection.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  5. hi,
    would like to know your rates & details for prewedding & actual day photography. location is at KL/Selangor. Actual date have yet to confirm but for pre-wed is hopefully by this year 2011.
    hope to hear from you soon.


  6. Dear McCain,

    My name is Jason. I am going to marry my girl friend end of this year. I would like to know how much your company charge for pre-wedding and wedding day. My budget is around 5-6k.



  7. Hi We are in Canada and I would like to use one of your photos. We care for both Asia, South Asian and Western Style Weddings and I love what you do. We are at and wish you were here in Canada as I am sure we could send you business. But we can link to your website in case we have clients who have family in your area.

  8. hi there…I would like to enquire on the wedding and reception rate…Wedding will be in Taiping meanwhile dinner in Ipoh…Thanks..

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