Proud moment of her life

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Arangetram is the debut (Arangettam – അരങ്ങേറ്റം in Malayalam) on-stage performance of a former student of Indian classical dance and music. This first performance follows years of training. Many Indian classical dance forms perform an arangettam once the time has come for a disciple. In Malayalam Arangu means stage and Ettam means rising or climbing.

The word arangetram is from the Tamil language and means ascending the stage by a dancer on the completion of formal training. The dancer can now move forward and pass on the art form to other aspiring learners of the art. To perform an arangetram is an old tradition, which marks the pathway for a dancer to then perform alone or be able to give training to other dancers. Once a dancer has completed training he or she should have an understanding of classical music and the many aspects of dancing.